Innovative Shower Technologies That Will Change Your Experience


New bathroom innovations are changing the way you spend your time in the shower and the experience you get. Fulfillment levels are increasing significantly in modern showers thanks to the merging of functional, aesthetics and infotainment systems.

The combination of intelligent systems like digital shower control and good old-fashioned hot water baths create a new experience in modern homes. The best time for a home makeover of your shower or entire bathroom is right now. Consider the following innovative shower technologies that will change your experience.

Bathroom Floor Heating Systems

Incredible developments in heating technology now allow you to have a heated floor in your shower. It gives you the warmth when entering the bathroom so that you do not go into shock because of the cold morning. A solution is a thermostat controlled shower floor system that keeps the floor warm enough to let you step out, to your carpet, and onwards to the dressing area. Wi-Fi enabled controls makes things much easier and convenient.


Speakers in Your Shower Head

The water raining on you can come with excellent music or motivational podcasts as you wish. Connect the shower speaker to your phone and play audio content from your preferred cloud service provider. As a result, you will have a new experience in your shower every morning.

You can listen to the morning shows too. You could have wireless speakers attached to the showerhead or detachable, and the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection enables you to play music from a distance of 32 feet or less in any direction.

Water Temperature Indicators and Adjustment Options

Modern shower systems come with display panels let you heat water by touching the panel. The display will show the water temperature and other useful information. Advanced systems also come with connections to your phones, which let you reply to messages, read the news and do other things while on the shower.

The display has water and heat resistant properties making it safe for you amid all the steam in the shower booth. Your touchscreen might also come with programmable smart home controls allowing you to switch lights on or off and to change other settings in your HVAC system.

Water and Electricity Use Reduction Features

Despite the increase in features, newer showerhead systems come with energy and water saving features too, to make them affordable to run in the long-term. They connect to state-of-the-art filtration systems letting water recycle instead of going down the drain.

The recycled water also retains much of the previous heat because of insulation on the plumbing and filtering components. Thus, it only needs marginal reheating to keep it at a temperature convenient enough for you. You can go for the combined heat and water saving system or only pick the water saving feature, which would be an attractive point for people who seek to protect the environment through recycling.