Popular Styles of Modern and Decorative Showerheads You Should Know

Sometimes it takes little to give the bathroom style: its most beautiful accessory is the showerhead, a detail that changes everything when you choose it to be modern and decorative. You can buy shower head singapore at affordable prices. There are different styles of showerheads you can install in your home to boost that aesthetic value. They include:

Round Shower Heads

Round shower heads are the classic faucet classics and good news, they haven’t aged a bit. For the contemporary version, we prefer them wide and flat rather than rounded, and for the luxury version, with a shower + rain cover with a knob on flexible and a second fixed in height. Enough to stand the test of time with a design but timeless tap!

Square Shower Heads

Square shower heads are the contemporary version of round ones. With their straight lines and sharp angles, they add a contemporary touch to the bathroom. Usually stainless steel for more modernity, they are rather found in a version fixed to the wall, the square format is poorly suited to a flexible shower head. This does not prevent them from being combined with a hand shower!

Rectangular Shower Heads

The best advantage of rectangular shower heads? Their surface. Larger than the rounds, more elongated than the squares, these new generation knobs can be flexible or fixed to the wall, allowing a larger projection surface. The result is an enveloping rain sky effect with a contemporary design, whether you choose it with rounded or sharp angles.

The “stick” Shower Heads

They are called stick showers or hand showers, and their narrow shape makes them easy to handle, even for little ones. These elongated knobs are available with a round, square or rectangular, black, gold, or stainless steel base. The only downside is that the water projection surface is reduced, which explains why they are often used in addition to a showerhead or a shower head attached to the wall. The combination of the two is, on the other hand, flawless, in functionality as much as in design!

Luminous Shower Heads

Want the benefits of the home spa without having a bathtub? Easy, you can offer yourself an LED shower head for a home light therapy session! The diodes integrated inside or on the edges of the pommel work thanks to the pressure of the water, therefore without batteries, and in most cases, change color according to the temperature. A good way to avoid burns or to keep children entertained in the shower with a decidedly modern look.

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