Things to Know Before You Add Central Air Conditioning

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Summer temperatures tend to bring back fond memories of Autumn when the house or office was a bit cooler than it currently is and for many people, it serves as a signal for considering a cooling system for the premises. Before going to buy, you must at least consider the implications. You want the best system but also at the best rates. According to experts from Royal Comfort, one of the leading lafayette in ac installation service providers, finding out what is the latest technology and its suitability for the things you demand in a cooling solution is also critical. Upgrades and replacements are serious choices capable of denting or improving the value of your home. You need to check the following things to know before you add central air conditioning.

Get the right size

The air conditioning unit has a specification that will affect its suitability for your home. You should check the tons specified against the price offering. For instance, you can get 3.5 tons of air specification implying that the system should pass that weight of air. However, you must also compare the rating of the system and your needs. A small room can work well with a small unit, but a huge house will need a very large unit so that it only runs during peak times. Going for a small unit will mean that your air conditioning system is always running and that is a bad thing since it contributes to high energy bills.


air conditioned houseA sustainable solution is the one that allows sufficient cooling of air without the harmful particles passing through at low energy costs. The modern systems have higher efficiency ratios than their counterparts from several years ago. Therefore when going to a new system today, you can expect to see lower energy bills overall. Nonetheless, the change will only be visible when you are replacing the exact sized unit. In other cases, your demands also increased in the last few years so that the new unit’s efficiency is only enough to keep the bills constant.

Combining new and old

It is possible to retain some parts of the old system that are still intact such as the ducts. The combination can save you lots of money since you will also not be spending on extra labor for the installation of the already well-functioning part of the system. You will only consider purchasing a head unit that is compatible with your ducts. Thus, you might need to involve the contractor before settling on a particular unit to confirm that is will fit.

Always upgrade your filter

The filter is fundamental because it affects the efficiency of the system. You need it in the perfect form at all times. It can even be the first thing you upgrade in your air conditioning system. It ensures the inner workings of the air conditioner remain clean and efficient.

Buy offseason

In summer the prices of air conditioners go up because of the peak demand. You can wait until winter when everyone else is not buying to look for discounts from major manufacturers and contractors. You can cut hundreds of dollars in the process.